Where do you ship?

Currently we ship only in the United States. We are currently working on expanding our delivery network to Europe as well.

How much does it take receive my order?

The majority of products are shipped 3-5 days from the order submission date in Printify.

If your order has not been updated or shipped after 5 days from submission, please submit an inquiry through our chat system.

Can I track my order?

Yes, you can track your order. Tracking information will be automatically be sent to you via e-mail as soon as it becomes available. 

You will receive tracking information as soon as the order comes out of production and is ready to be shipped.

Is shipping really FREE?

Yes, you can count on us. Due to our efficient delivery network management, we manage to keep shipping costs very low.

Do I receive all the ordered products in a single package?

If you have placed a single order with all the products you desired, you will receive on package containing them all. 

Can I insert additional items into the package?

This is not an option that we can offer at the moment. In this case, the solution is to cancel the current order and then create a new order with all the items that you desire.

Please note that an order can be canceled only in a small time frame after it has been created. If the manufacturing process has begun, then the order cannot be canceled.