Who are we?

Here at Mind Bend Apparel we want to create an original mix of culture and fashion.

We believe that clothes are something more than simple garments and that they can express ideologies, reveal different ways of thinking or even just satire common social constraints.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to create interesting and thoughtful designs and bring a drop of spice on day-to-day clothing, resulting in more fun social interactions.

People are creative! So are we! And we wish to bring our creativity to a use, and contribute to the game with innovative apparel, designed for smart and authentic individuals.

Where are we standing now?

As a start-up, we are in our early ages, dominated by enthusiasm and ambition. We are pretty sure that our positive attitude will overcome the big challenges that we embraced when starting a new company.

The first big achievement that we are proud of is that we see our close friends wearing our T-Shirts. We wanted to see what our peers think about our work and we were glad to hear their positive feedback. That’s when we decided that we could sell some of our designs. After a couple of successful and profitable designs, we decided to open up our own store.

And this is how Mind Bend Apparel was born. We are encouraged to stay in the game and we still have lots of ideas we haven’t tested out yet. Designers are working on two new promising collections. If you want to be among the first to discover the newest products, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter.

What's next?

Our guess is that interesting personalities will always exist, thus the possibilities will never end. While we are working on expanding our current collections, we've got plenty of other ideas that we can't wait to put on paper. So, expect other collections that will revolve around the same values: mindfulness, passion, creativity, personality, thinking different and making fun of social constraints in a positive way.


Social interactions give us the opportunity to live memorable moments, to connect with so many great people and to express ourselves in many fun ways. Adding a twist to the way we look only helps us cherish these moments more. I like to think that we are fortunate to engage in this phenomena.

Having a closer connection with customers from all over the world, combined with the opportunity of working with many industry enthusiasts, keep me focused, motivated and highly confident in the fashion’s power to unite people.

Silviu-Georgian Popescu-Ungureanu
Co-founder, Mind Bend Apparel



When I wake up in the morning, I just want to be myself for the rest of the day. I like to drink my favourite coffee, listen to my favourite songs and be around my favourite people. Sharing the same values with my beloved ones keeps our bonds tight. Spending time with your kind of people and doing activities together is what makes a friendship last. 

Being a fashion enthusiast, I think that wearing clothes that share these common values can only help in the development of these relationships. A well framed message on your T-shirt can easily become the starting point of a conversation. A funny picture will always trigger a laugh in a circle of friends. A motivational speech can inspire both the strong and the weak. As long as the message has essence, nothing is in vain.

Irina Popescu-Ungureanu (Buleac)
Co-founder, Mind Bend Apparel